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Black & floral Dress w ribbon





Black & Floral Dress w Ribbon RM38 RM32
Material: Cotton 
Size: Free size 
Colour: Black

Lacey Dress (last piece)

Lacey Dress  RM 42
Material: Lace 
Description: inner silk lining, belt* not included 
Size of: Free size 
Colour: Purple (last piece!)
Black SOLD
 *Buckle-up belt RM 22 
Colour: Red
White (SOLD)
Black (SOLD)


~Made in Korea #1~ (SOLD OUT)


Two toned Made in Korea RM 55 (SOLD)
Material: Top part: Thin satin, Bottom part: Cotton
Description: Soft material, delicate sewing, 100% made in Korea
Size: Free size
*Buckle-up belt RM 22  
Colour: Red
White (SOLD)
Black (SOLD)

Kimono top (last piece) & Layer skirt

 (notice the white inner lace)

(model wearing pink kimono top w black skirt)

(black-grey layer skirt)

 (model wearing black kimono top w white skirt)

Kimono top  RM 28
Material: Soft silk
Description: White lace inner (size S) included
Size of: Free size (can fit up to small L)
Colour: Pink SOLD
Black SOLD
White SOLD

Layer skirt RM49 
Material: Satin
Description: Belt included, suitable for office wear, with inner lining
Available with all Sizes: S, M, and L
Colour: Black-grey (SOLD 2)
White (SOLD 1)
(Limited pieces left!)

Jacket & Mini Skirt (SOLD OUT)

(model wearing Biege jacket, black skirt)

~~can fold sleeve up to give a different look!~~
 (model wearing beige jacket, grey skirt)

 (model wearing grey jacket, grey skirt)
~~notice the lace pattern from front-gives you an hourglass shape!~~

(model wearing grey jacket, grey skirt) 

Korean-style Exclusive Material Jacket RM 43 
Material: Thick good quality Cotton
Description: Ruffles at waist, lace at all sides of jacket
Size: Free size (Fits size S to small M)
Colour: Beige SOLD
Black SOLD
Leopard-bow Short Skirt RM 32 (SOLD OUT)
(Mini Skirts will be hot favourites in 2010!) 
Material: Cotton
Description: Elastic waist, pockets at each side
Size: Free size (Fits size S)
Colour: Grey (SOLD OUT)
Black (SOLD OUT)

Patterned Collar Dress (last piece!)

(good quality material!)

Patterned Collar Dress RM 48
Material: Comfy
Description: Belt* not included, zip at side
Size: Free size
Colour: White (last piece!)
Black SOLD

*Buckle-up belt RM 22 
Colour: Red
White SOLD
Black SOLD

SNAKE PRINTS are in! (Sold OUT!)

Brown colour

Grey colour

Snake prints w shimmer waist Dress
Material: Silky
Description: Light weight comfy dress, w waist band to make you look slim!, with inner lining
Size: Free size
Colour: Brown (SOLD)
Grey (SOLD)

RM 38

Sweet Floral Dress/Top

(1) red flowers (SOLD)

(2) pink flowers

(3) purple blue flowers

(look at the good quality!)

Sweet Floral Dress/Top RM38 RM28
Material: Silky smooth
Description: Belt* not included, wear as dress/top with jeans or leggings, elastic at sleeve and chest area, comes with inner lining
Size: Free size
Colour: red (SOLD)
purple blue (SOLD)
*Buckle-up belt RM 22 
Colour: Red
White SOLD

Sweet Dress~


Sweet Dress
Material: Silk (sash) & Chiffon smooth
Description: Ruffled sleeve (sweet!), with inner lining, PLUS kimono sash!
Size: S 
Colour: Purple
RM 39.90 (BIG STEAL!)

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Belted Modern Dress (SOLD OUT)



Belted Modern Dress
Material: Comfy cotton
Description: Detachable belt, folds at waist (front), elastic gathers at back, zip at side
Size: Free size
Colour: Light brown (model wearing) SOLD
White SOLD
Light grey  SOLD

Smart & Trendy


Smart & Trendy RM49.90 RM40
Material: Satin
Description: Bottoned from top to bottom, detachable belt
Size: Fits size S to M
Colour: (as in picture above)
Maroon Black
Light Brown

Formal Wear~ Two toned w Ribbon (SOLD OUT)

pinkish blue

Greyish blue

Formal Wear~Two toned w Ribbon
Material: Cotton
Description: Detachable ribbon, detachable black belt, zip at side, patterned sleeve, gathers at back
Colours: Pinkish blue (SOLD x2)
Greyish blue (SOLD x2)
Size: S and M
RM 39.90

Formal Wear~Checked

Buttoned up top
(Colour: white)

Can be unbuttoned
(Colour: dark green)

Gathers at the back

Formal Wear~Checked
Material: Cotton cloth
Description: Elastic at sleeve and back (see picture below)
Colours: Brown
Dark green
Light brown (SOLD)
White (SOLD)
Size: Free size
RM 29.90