Zebra Leggings are In!~


Zebra Leggings RM 28
Material: Leather-like, highly elastic
Size: Free size

Glitter Tee


Glitter Tee RM 29 RM 25
Material: Cotton
Size: Free size
Colour: Blue

3-Piece Polka (SOLD)

3-Piece Polka RM 45 (SOLD)
Material: Chiffon n Cotton
Description: Black n white Polka halter, 2nd layer chiffon sleeveless, 3rd layer grey long sleeve
Size: Free size

Bazaar~ (updated)


Hi fans...we will be at Enspired bAzaaR on 29th Jan 2010...so... SEE YOU THERE!

Fresh n Chic BoutiQue

P/S: Back from bazaar! unexpected crowd...nice to meet you all...continue to support us ya~ Thank you very much!


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Fresh n Chic BoutiQue is once again Featured!
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Halter Bare-back


beige white

red wine

3 buttons at top neck part (back)

beige-white n gold

Halter Bare-back RM 39 RM31
Material: Soft satin
Size: Fits up to L size
Colour: Beige-white
Red wine

Tulip Top

threaded with shiny silver thread

Phoenix Belt RM 22


 Tulip Top RM 49 RM42
Description: Soft material, fine gathers from top to bottom (makes u look slim!), shiny silver thread
Size: S
Colour: White
Red (sold x1)

CNY Promotion!

Dear Customers,
A big Thank You for ALL your support! We love you so much, we are giving you yet another promotion!

Buy 2 items and above, we will gift you a pair of lovely Korean Earrings. You can even choose your favourite earrings yourself! *while stocks last*

 (1), (2), (3)

(4), (5), (6)

Happy shopping! Satisfaction guaranteed! :)

Fresh n Chic Boutique~

Get the City Look~

Fresh n Chic Boutique highly recommends this!

 Princess Look~model wearing with Phoenix belt (black)


Classy Look~model wearing with Diamante belt (grey)

Red+Black City Dress RM 49 RM42
Material: Good quality cotton, very comfy
Description: Inner lining for skirt
Size: Free size 
Status: sold x2 (last piece available!)

English-style Top

pure white

 gracely grey

bold black

English-style Top RM33 RM28
Description: Elastic at chest and upper waist, English-rose with pearls is detachable :)
Size: Free size (can fit L)
Colour: White
Grey (SOLD)

Sparkle up! (SOLD OUT)

Sparkle-up Dress (black) + Diamante belt (white)
~neckline #1~

Sparkle-up Dress (black) + Diamante belt (white)
~neckline #2~

 Sparkle-up Dress (gold)
~neckline #2~

Sparkle-up Dress (gold) + Phoenix belt (black)
~neckline #2~
Sparkle-up Dress (pink) + Phoenix belt (black)
~neckline #1~

Sparkle-up Dress RM 45 SOLD OUT
Description: Can wear front and back, to give neckline #1 (formal) and neckline #2 (sexy), inner lining, gathers at side of dress to give a curvy look! :)
Size: Free size
Colours: Pink (SOLD)
Black (SOLD)
Gold (SOLD)

CNY Phoenix Belt RM 22 RM18
Colour: Black (SOLD)
Dark blue

Red Bag RM 35.90 RM30

Shawl on Shoulder Jacket

Can wear it in various styles

Back part


Shawl on Shoulder Jacket RM 39
Material: Silky Cotton
Description: Amazing one piece, can wear in different styles, suitable for office wear, casual, to parties! 
Size: F size (fits up to L)
Colour: Bright pink
Purple (model wearing) (SOLD)

Plum Blossom Dress

CNY Plum Blossom Dress RM55
Description: Hidden zip at back, plum blossom motif, comes with inner lining
Size: Free Size (Fits S-small M)
Colour: White (with white lining) SOLD
Purple (with purple lining)

Diamante Belt RM 23 (SOLD OUT)
Colour: Black SOLD
White SOLD

~Buy CNY Plum Blossom Dress + Any Belt = RM 75~